HSK 3 Survival Guide-生词和有用的句子为你

Let’s face it, Chinese has a lot of words and ways to say things. This is perhaps the first thing you may have noticed when beginning to study either at school or on your own. This is by no means a go-to-guide with all the answers. I would call this a diluted version of what you are going to learn along the span of your Mandarin studies.

Take note of what you have already learned and review it here. Perhaps you will find something new.

9/07/19 To celebrate a birthday and talk about when

Want to talk about a birthday celebration or when something happens? Take a look below.


ni3 guo4 sheng1ri4 de shi2hou ni3 fu4mu2 gei3 ni3 shen2me yang4 de li3wu4

When you celebrate your birthday what kind of gift do your parents give you?

To celebrate in English is to guo4 过 something in Chinese. It can be for any kind of celebration wedding, birthday, retirement, promotion, holiday etc. Now on to the when construction which is prehaps a tad more complicated (复杂fu4za2)

When in Chinese 的时候

When in Chinese is similar to English in the sense it can be used to talk about when something happens. An example could be any of the following:

When you go to the supermarket what do you usually buy?


When did you get home? I didn’t see you come in.


Note: shi + de is used when inquiring on specific details like when, where, how, why , etc When used to ask when something happened The noun is preceded by the 是什么时候 structure and the sentence is ended with 的.

When do you plan on going to work? You are already 5 minutes late.

你什么时候打算上班呢? 你已经五个分迟到了

Note: 呢 is used like So, …. in English in this context

Vocab: 超市 chao1shi4 – supermarket, the place where you go to buy food 那个你去买菜的地方 , to get home – 到家 dao4jia1 / I didn’t… something 没有/没 / to be late 迟到 /to plan (plan to do something, plan on) 打算 da3suan4


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